Lamp Shopping

IMG_6710 We love our new lamp from Lamps Plus, but there were a LOT of options to look through. Before we settled on one, I showed Ryan a ton of choices (he always gets veto power) and they were kind of all over the place! Based on size restrictions, we narrowed it down pretty quickly, but I thought it would be fun to share some of the other options I considered!



1. Color Plus: Lamps Plus has a really cool line of lighting where you can pick an EXACT color and then choose which shade you want to top it off! I considered this shade of red (and would had added some trim to the shade just for fun) before my ginger jar stole my heart.

2. Rose Canton: This is actually really close in design to the one we got, but with a multi-color pattern. Isn't it the cutest?

3. Ventana: This mid-century inspired Jonathan Adler lamp was a little too tall, but I knew Ryan would love it. Kind of want to snap it up and save it for his office one day.

4. Gazebo: I loved this pattern but ultimately decided I didn't need a drum shade. The cane motif is gorgeous!

5. Lotus Leaf: I am still in love with this one! It was just too tall for this spot. But I'm filing this away for our next apartment because I love it!

6. Floral Blue and White: This was one of the final picks, but ultimately Ryan vetoed it in favor of the one we got - I love the vase shape on it though.


So many options, so little table top! Can't wait until we're in a bigger space - I'll go lamp crazy!

P.S. Looks like Lamps Plus has tons of stuff on sale right now! Head over if you're in need of lighting!