Monday Moment

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Well, SOMEONE (Thisbe cat) has a case of the Mondays over here. While I'm trying to ignore her constant meowing and freakouts today, I'm thinking back fondly over birthday week. On Wednesday Ryan took me out to an indulgent dinner (we ate our weight in oysters from various dishes, among other things), followed by a rich and decadent dessert (Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery in Ballard). Thursday we ended up meeting my parents at the Alibi Room, right across from the infamous Seattle gum wall - my first visit to the tourist attraction! My intention was to read through my stack of magazines that's been growing a few months but I didn't read any AND two more came in the mail. Penciling in some time this week. And of course, May is not only the best month because of my birthday (wink wink), it's also my favorite because the rhododendrons are in full swing. This one is next to a TREE a few blocks from our building. You can see how it earned the title of state flower (each one of those pink bundles is probably ten inches in diameter).

This week I have lots of outings planned, including a MUCH needed trip to the Design Center (opening some new accounts so I'm devoting an afternoon!). Plus I'm determined to get back to the gym - it's been way too long since I've been and I'm in a wedding next month. Gotta tone those arms! Ryan and I are also working more on my website redesign (yay!), and I have a bunch of stuff to do for some clients.

Speaking of which, I am taking on summer projects NOW. If you're looking at tackling some redecorating in June, July, or August (especially if there is any construction involved), it's time to get in touch! Let's get the process rolling. My schedule really starts to fill up in August, so it's better to get a head start.

Have a great week!