Craving Simplicity

Lately I've been finding myself drawn to spaces with lots of full white drapery and lots of white walls. It might be a reaction to wanting to mix up our own decor (a direct reaction to the dark florals I stare at everyday?), or maybe just craving ease and simplicity in my subconscious  We've got a LOT of stuff going on right now, both in terms of Maggie Rose Interiors and in our personal lives, and in order to keep moving forward, I'm putting blinders on and trying to focus on one task at a time. It's pretty hard for an over-planner and thinker for me. And in the meanwhile, our internet has been troublesome (to say the least) and very spotty, making it hard to get work done and making me bonkers. Maybe if my surroundings were feeling clean and easy, my brain would too? Simone_living1



Plus, this look is so stylish AND simple. I love white drapes with white walls, so it's a perfect look for renters. And you can always find affordable white panels if you can't go custom - sewing on trim is easy enough if you want a look like this one above.

The look in general translates well to the rest of the furnishings as well. This is where I'd like to be right now:


A little pop of color, but otherwise so streamlined, so crisp, and so simple.

So relaxing.

Photos from The Design Files, Lonny, Lonny, Elle Decor.