Styling Series: Getting Started

One of my favorite past-times is rearranging my home décor accessories. Obviously I’m in the right career! Whether on a tabletop, bookshelves, the fireplace mantel, or in the office, the act of arranging accessories and tchotchkes is “styling” – after all, the whole point is to conclude with a stylish and visually pleasing arrangement. Whether you’re working with fine antique furniture and custom built-ins or with big box store tables and Ikea bookcases, the principles behind styling your accessories on them are the same. That’s why it’s one of the easiest ways to update a room with very little money, especially if you plan to use accessories that you already own.

Over the next five weeks, we’ll begin with some general rules, then move on to ideas specific to different areas. And while you may want to follow my tips for ideal pieces to own, you will be able to implement many of these ideas without any additional purchases.


Essential Pieces

You may have a collection of antique wristwatches, or maybe robin eggs… but no matter what you choose to display in your tablescapes, there are some key elements that will help you achieve the most cohesive look. You may already have some of these on hand, or there may be a few that you’ll want to keep an eye open for the next time you’re out shopping.

  • Trays – large and small
  • Tall pieces, like vases or sculptures
  • Chunky pieces like baskets or bowls
  • Books (ones you love, but try to get hardcover!)
  • Easels or plate stands for small art
  • Picture frames at least 4x6 inches (use matting to upgrade small photos to bigger frames)
  • Plants (living or a convincing fake!)
  • Candles
  • Small (around 4-5 inches) objects and boxes
  • Bookends


In fact, here are some of my favorite essentials...

Styling Essentials by Maggie Rose Interiors

Tray, Topiary, Box, Baskets, Jar, Origami Stars.