Monday Moment

Hello there, friends! Today has been so far a relaxing start to what will be a VERY crazy and busy week! I took my time sipping my coffee and answering emails - when the real work starts (pretty much as soon as I hit "publish") then the week will not slow down! I've started a new project - we're still establishing the scope and signing contracts but that doesn't mean that my little brain isn't already whirring with a million ideas. Here's one of the "inspiration" pictures my  client pinned...



I am dying! SO GOOD.

I'm also counting down to Saturday, which is my best friend's wedding! I'm her Maid of Honor, so besides the wedding itself I'm also hosting a brunch and will be attending the rehearsal and dinner. Can't wait to see my gorgeous friend in her wedding attire (and to see her at all, because she moved to Colorado after we graduated college and now lives in Alaska and I NEVER see her!).

There are some other huge things happening but I won't bore you with details right now. Let's just say this little lady is a bit crazed.

Good thing I booked a massage for this week too!

I'll be around but may be light on the posting this week. Definitely come back Wednesday for post #2 of my styling series!