I haven't blogged much as far as wedding inspiration goes. But one of our hardest decisions yet was what the men would all wear, so I thought I'd share some of our thought process. We nixed tuxes right away - we're having a 3 pm ceremony and the event just isn't that formal. Plus, rented tuxes can look sloppy and our guys are too good looking for that! So we settled on a gray three-piece suit for Ryan - something that he can wear after the wedding for a good many years. Something like this:


So handsome.

Since buying a suit can get expensive very quickly, Ryan didn't want to demand that his four groomsmen also buy a suit (especially a matching suit, since he plans to splurge a bit on his). He felt very strongly that they not have to buy a jacket.

While we liked the idea of a patterned shirt (like gingham), we just couldn't find one that worked with the rest of the look of the day, so we opted for white shirts with gray pants and a gray vest (that don't HAVE to match). We're also giving them the option of black suspenders if they already own pants and don't want to buy a vest.

Kind of like this:




Since the bridesmaids are all wearing neutral shades but different dresses, I think the overall effect will be that we'll have a cohesive palette up front without looking like an army of bridal attendants. At least, that is our goal. To create good photos but highlight our friends' individuality.

This took of several weeks of weighing different options, but I'm very happy with where we ended up, and Ryan is too. One more big thing off our list!

Photos from: SMP, SMP, Angela & Evan