Monday Moment

IMG_2504 Good morning friends! Are you ready for a new week? I woke this morning SURE it was Sunday (again) so I think that might speak for itself. But I'm loving the bundle of peonies that I finally picked up last night... almost missed peony season all together! Hoping these last a few days at least.

Tis the season for interior design work, at least, as my schedule is filling up like crazy and I'm still getting new inquiries. Lots of hourly consultations, which is a great way to give people some guidance but accommodate a smaller budget. I'm always happiest and most efficient when I'm busy, so I can't wait to dive into more work (my biggest project of the moment won't probably be shared until the end of summer, but it's going to be a great one).

Meanwhile, I'm preparing to have our living room photographed as well! I still have a few small adjustments to make, of course, but it's kind of awesome to realize just how little needs to be done! Of course, I'd love to have our new sofa in place, but that isn't happening anytime soon. So it goes.

Here's to a great week!