Big News, Big Move


We have some gigantic news... we're moving! To California!

Trust me, I am almost as surprised as you are right now. As you might know, we had just decided a few months ago that we'd be renewing our lease here in Seattle in August, staying put another year until we could save up a little to move to a bigger apartment. No sooner than we'd settled on that decision, Ryan was being recruited by a pretty (ahem, very) well-known tech company down in Silicon Valley. And while the whole interview process took about six weeks, it was just kind of a fun fantasy until all of a sudden, they offered him an amazing job! Um, WHAT?!

Obviously this is a huge leap, but I am SO proud of my husband-to-be! This is an incredible career opportunity for him. So after we crunched numbers and figured out we could do it, he said YES and has now signed all his paperwork and put in notice at his job. We'll be moving at the end of July!

Technically we'll be moving somewhere in Silicon Valley, an hour plus from San Francisco. We'll be staying in a temporary place until we find something permanent. Considering I've never even been to the area before, we want to find the perfect neighborhood for us (any suggestions?) before signing a lease. I can't wait to have a new place to decorate, of course ;)

As for my business, I'll be taking Bay Area clients as soon as I get settled in (feel free to put in an inquiry now!). My Seattle clients with current projects have all been notified. I'll be wrapping up a few on a couple trips back up to Seattle (doubling up wedding and business trips). In fact, at the moment I'm still planning to accept hourly projects in Seattle, and possibly bigger projects as well, depending on how often I'll be able to come up. I also have some great designer friends I can recommend.

We certainly weren't expecting this HUGE life change, but we are so excited! It makes some things a little complicated (all of a sudden we're planning a destination wedding!) but we weighed all our hesitations and they didn't nearly match up to the positives of such an incredible chance. Good old pro's and con's. Of course, we will miss Seattle terribly - we love this city like crazy and we're sad to leave our friends and family. Definitely not ruling out coming back at some point. But for now, we're trying to squeeze all our favorite Seattle places into our schedule the next few weeks and embrace the adventure ahead!

So that's our giant news that I've been sitting on for a few weeks until everything was official! Now I need your advice! Moving tips? Neighborhood/rental tips for Silicon Valley? Know anybody down there that I can make friends with? Seriously, we could use some friend blind-dates to not feel quite so lonely!

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