Monday Moment

IMG_6854 Thanks for the great comments, tweets, emails, and messages about the news last week! (If you missed the announcement, Ryan and I are moving to the San Francisco South Bay area at the end of the month!). Everyone keeps asking if we're crazy and stressed out, but at this point we're mostly just excited. I don't know if it's sunk in that we'll be living far away from "home" yet though. I'm sure it will soon enough.

I've got some client work keeping me busy this week - a super fun project that is getting their design plan this week! And some hourly appointments as well that should be fun - I always enjoy those.

Then on top of that we're trying to start assessing what goes with us to California and what gets sold off before we move! I'm ready for a fresh slate, but we have no idea what kind of place we'll be moving into. Makes purging a little difficult, but there are some things that I'm ready to part with (and we haven't even tackled our storage area in the basement yet...). Locals, stay tuned or send me an email telling me you're interested ( because we WILL be having a moving sale, likely RSVP-only.

And then there's that wedding stuff...

Ok, so maybe we're a little stressed. Stressed AND excited! Trying to take a zen vibe from my nightstand-turned-jewelry-storage, above. Deep breaths, people.