Monday Moment

IMG_2563 Despite Ryan having a long weekend off from work, I don't feel like we really got a "long weekend"... other than the fact that I'm exhausted this morning! I had a Friday evening client presentation (which was great and I can't wait to show you some of the design boards and eventually photos!), which meant that the 4th and 5th were both spent finalizing details on those. No fireworks to be seen, but we did head down to our basement storage unit to stare at the piles for about 30 minutes before feeling overwhelmed and going back upstairs... we'll be tackling that for real this week.

Saturday we spent deep cleaning our car and then got gussied up for Ryan's 10 year high school reunion. Which was fine. Awkward, as those kinds of things usually are. Made me really glad I didn't go to mine, but Ryan had an ok time and we had fun hanging out with one of his best friends and his wife.

We stayed down in Tacoma and Sunday was spent taking our super-clean car in to the Mazda dealership to trade in. Look at our pretty new car, all ready to head down to California! It's a Mazda CX-5. Amazing gas mileage (we think better than our old sedan) and tons of cargo space for hauling finds from the Alameda Flea! Can't wait.


We spent the evening at Johnny's Dock in Tacoma to celebrate my mom's birthday while my dad played in the band! Happy birthday, Mom! We love you!

So this week the focus shifts a bit to the move (though I have some revisions to tackle today for my Friday clients). And lots of visits with friends before we go. This move is bittersweet for sure.

What are you up to this Monday? This week? Did you have a fun Fourth of July? Tell me about it!