We made it!

Well we made it to California! And Ryan starts his job today so I finally have time to write up a recap of our move. Last Tuesday we were here:



I know, right? Seattle was really trying to tempt us to stay.

Wednesday morning we got up super early to eat breakfast and run the cat over to a friend's house before the movers arrived at 9. Overnight I'd seemed to develop a sore throat, which Ryan had had the week before. So I was feeling a little rundown (after weeks of a crazy exhausting schedule, it's no wonder!). The movers were great - they came to pack all of our stuff that wasn't coming in the car with us. We stood around awkwardly until some seats were free to sit on. They had the whole truck packed up by 1:30. At which point I was bundled in a sweatshirt (on an 80 degree day no less) with chills and a fever. I rallied though, and we got the whole empty apartment clean as a whistle.



We joined Thisbe at our friend's house for the night, and woke up super early again to grab breakfast, pack up the car , do a final walkthrough with our apartment manager, and circle back to pick up Thisbe before hitting the road at 9:30 Thursday.

Besides a full trunk, this was our backseat (not pictured: the copious amounts of DayQuil that kept me alive Thursday and Friday):



We've had a lot of questions about traveling with a cat. It is not for the faint of heart. Thisbe's vet prescribed a sedative to keep her calm on the trip, but suggested we try the dosage before we left. She took it Monday without a problem, but didn't like how disorienting it was, because she wouldn't TOUCH any food or treat with the sedative on Thursday morning. We had to get on the road, so we went unmedicated. She howled and cried for almost a solid hour, then did a 10 minutes on with 10 minutes off thing, where she'd be quiet, then panic and try to claw her way out of the carrier. That was another hour and a half, before she passed out from exhaustion. Any time we stopped, and/or every hour she'd wake up and kind of freak out for ten minutes.

We drove for 7+ hours (420 miles) on Thursday, so that was fun.


We only stopped three times (bathroom breaks and a lunch/gas break) and made it to the half-way point - our hotel in Grants Pass, OR with time to unload and go out for some dinner. It was 106 degrees there, so we didn't do a whole lot of walking around. Instead, I treated myself to a bubble bath and these two bummed around...



The next morning we were out the door at 6 to grab breakfast and re-pack the car and hit the road by 7:30. We had another 425 miles to go!



I drove the second half of day one and the first half of day two, so that all the mountain pass twists and turns were under my control (I'm a terrible backseat driver and we knew I'd drive Ryan CRAZY dictating speeds around those curves). So in the end, I clocked more miles than Ryan did.



We got smarter on Friday and tried to force-feed Thisbe her sedative after she wouldn't eat it with a bite of her breakfast that morning. But she apparently has jaws of steel and kept spitting it out. Part of the pill edges kind of crumbled on my hand though, and fifteen minutes later I noticed Thisbe's eyes were kind of glassy... so we'd gotten SOME into her system even though she didn't take the whole quarter-pill. That kept her calm for about two hours of the drive,  then about an hour of sad meowing after she came out of it. After hour five though I don't think we heard another peep from her. And when we arrived in San Jose and parked, I lifted the little cover to peek at her and she just gave me an annoyed look and curled up to go back to sleep. So even the unhappiest traveling cat can adjust.

We're staying in a temporary furnished apartment in San Jose for the next few weeks while we get familiar with the area and try to find an apartment to rent. Although we like the unit so much we've kind of filed this building away as a back-up plan (even though the location is not at all walkable).



We've already checked out a few neighborhoods, but it's really a matter of the right apartment coming along that is close to some shops and restaurants, has the amenities we want, and is in the budget we want. Pipe dream? Meanwhile, Miss Thisbe is settling in nicely (though she still hasn't gone back into her carrier (one of her favorite places to nap before last week). Can't say that I blame her.


So we made it! Now I try to dive back into my woefully overflowing email inbox, get our wedding invitations out the door, find an apartment, and get rid of this cold!