Monday Moment


Good morning, friends!

Well, we found an apartment over the weekend! It's not available right away, so we'll be living in our temporary apartment for about two more weeks (plus a few days in transition to try to get as unpacked as possible before moving in completely). But we're very excited to finally have somewhere to think of ourselves being, to plan for... and shop for!. It is a two bedroom, two bathroom in a great location, and checked off most of the boxes on our wish list! We'll even have a balcony on which I'm excited to grow a little herb garden.

Here is the floor plan (with the optional fireplace, which I feel is probably a waste of space)...

(Update - our unit is the mirror image of this!)

CA Apt Floorplan

Can't wait to get into our actual unit to take some measurements... I'm being very good in the meantime and haven't made any purchases. I learned last time we moved that eye-balling a space and making purchases before measuring usually means I end up selling whatever I bought. So I'm taking my time (though we have plenty of time to pick up a new shower curtain and a second bath mat for our new second bathroom!).

Meanwhile I've been busy with work (starting a new blogging gig that I'll fill you in on soon!), and have been snuggled under my new blanket that we got at World Market. Our other throw blanket got packed with everything else and is in storage, and the air conditioning in our apartment keeps me comfortable until it's a little too chilly. So we found a World Market and I snapped up the blanket seen above! It's the perfect weight. Thisbe is sleeping on it now :)

Now that we have an apartment nailed down we're looking forward to using the next two weekends to do fun stuff in the area and explore a little - maybe even make it over to the beach! Can't wait.

Hope you're having a happy Monday! Anything exciting happening? I'd love to hear!