Our wedding invitations


Our wedding invitations should have reached our guests by now, so I can finally share a peek at our wedding invitations (though I'm sure our photographer will get a much prettier picture when the time comes!). My phone photo is a little dark - the paper is white and the text is gray and dark green.

We worked with the very sweet Megan of Little Yellow Leaf and it was a wonderful experience! I'd actually been talking to Megan about a different project when Ryan proposed. Since we were already in touch, I asked for a quote and like that we began work! I had admired an invitation set Megan had done for another couple but wanted something a little more urban than the rustic feel they had. Megan was excited and open to the idea, and I made a bunch of suggestions on a secret shared Pinterest board and let her run with it. Ryan and I would go through each draft of revisions and choose our favorite elements from each. Turns out we can be really picky about fonts (sorry Megan!).

We really loved the idea of the text being the main focus, rather than any kind of imagery. But we also wanted to feature a decorative element from the day itself, so the leaf garland became part of the design.

For us, the invitation was not a place we wanted to splurge, though we wanted nice quality and a simple but elegant design. We skipped letterpress and embossing, passed on any extra details like ribbons or other inserts, and directed guests to our wedding website instead of spending more to have a customized map. We also chose to do an RSVP postcard instead of card and envelope. Not only did that save on postage for the RSVP, the whole invitation is light enough that it only took a regular stamp to mail.

We are so happy with how they turned out and loved working with Little Yellow Leaf! All in all, it was an affordable way to get what we wanted without having to DIY (my main goal). See Megan's sneak peek of the invites on her instagram!

Thank you Megan!