Tell me about it, stud

One of my favorite things to do in my own home (and that I consider when selecting products for clients), is to make purchases with lots of versatility. Especially for young people who will move often before buying a home, a piece of furniture that is flexible and will adapt to fit multiple homes and decor is worth its weight in gold. When Naomi over at Design Manifest showed how she had used her David Hicks upholstered ottoman in several homes, it got me thinking about one of the real workhorses in my past apartments: my studded console table. It's actually one of the pieces we opted not to bring to California with us (a good thing because we don't really have a spot for it in the new place), but it has played many roles over the last five years.

You might recognize it from this:

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However, I first bought it when I was living on my own in an apartment down in Tacoma. Oy the pictures from back then make me cringe! I had about 7 years of Vogue magazines stacked on the lower shelf. This was 2008.

Holiday Party 008

Then we moved in together and my table landed in the corner of the dining room (top picture). It frequently got styled up for holidays and little photo shoots.

After we moved to the Uptown Apartment, the table was the perfect size for a little bar.

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But then we got the Tansu chest, and the beige table on beige wall wasn't working for me anymore, so we moved it to the bathroom where it mostly held my makeup and gave me a surface to spread my stuff out on while getting ready.


And though we've chosen to part with the table, it DOES have a loving new home with my friend Elizabeth. Doesn't it look perfect in her gorgeous home?



I love seeing items move from home to home, being put to new uses and styled new ways. Do you have any pieces that have lived in multiple homes and are still kicking?