Monday Moment - I'm Back!

IMG_2974 (Yep, this is the same fireplace as this post - we're about 75% done in this room!)

Hello to my lovely readers!

I got home yesterday after ten days up in Seattle (and Tacoma and Puyallup). A little longer than I would have liked, but almost every moment was packed with wedding preparations, my bridal showers (yes, two!) and a few much-needed client meetings. We are down to the final pieces in the Awesome House, and my Great Room Project is officially completed and photographed! Can't wait to share the pictures with you in a couple weeks, hopefully.

I flew home yesterday early in the morning, which meant catching a 4 am airport shuttle! And once I got home and had a cup of coffee, we decided we wanted to get our first Ikea trip over and done with (instead of waiting until next weekend). I must be some kind of design-masochist. It was very bizarre to be in an Ikea that wasn't the one I've gone to since middle school. This one was two stories! But we found our pieces and brought them home and I've already built half of them. Waiting for a special touch I have planned that should arrive tomorrow. I'll share more soon, when it's less messy (you can't actually walk through our living room right now).

So that's what I'm up to! Busy busy. And back to work stuff today after being in wedding mode all weekend.

Happy Monday!