Basket lamp


One thing about moving to California is that I'm really being drawn to bring natural elements into my designs. I have always been an advocate for natural pieces, but it's really come front-and-center in the design as we get settled.

When offered to send me a lamp for our new apartment, you can understand why I was immediately drawn to this basket weave table lamp! The natural texture is exactly what I'm craving to round out these rooms. In fact, I can't quite decide where it will go! Until we get a more permanent table solution in the living room, I'm trying it out in our office.




I don't love the wall color in this room, but I'm not sure we'll be painting it. I might change out the lampshade to give a little more contrast to the current walls. Maybe something with a block print pattern?

I was really impressed by the selection on, especially in the under $200 range. They aren't paying me to say that! I was torn between this one and several MCM styles that I thought would love fantastic in Ryan's office at work. Check out this one and this one. Love!

So far I love this lamp and the great texture it's bringing to the room. Can't wait to get more done in the apartment and show you more pictures! There are still boxes of boxes piled on the other side of the office right now.

And of course Miss Thisbe hears the camera clicking and comes running in for her close-up...