Wedding: Final Countdown!

Happy October! That means it's 11 days to our wedding! On one hand I feel super prepared, and then on the other hand it seems like the list of things to do never gets smaller! SO glad we hired a day-of coordinator (who actually is like a month-of coordinator) because I'd be going crazy with the details at this point. Anyway, today I am trying to finish up the work that HAS to be done before we are in full-blown wedding mode. And clean the apartment for our house sitter to come take a tour (it also happens to be Ryan's boss! So I'm cleaning ALL the things!). And stress about what to pack for a week in rainy Seattle AND a week in 90 degree Palm Springs, with no stop at home in between. And plan all the fun things we're going to do in Palm Springs (just a couple major outings - I plan to know that pool chair VERY well by the end of the week). I'm also working on a new website design that will hopefully debut at the end of the month. Just to add one more thing to my plate!

So basically all apartment sprucing (outside of cleaning) is on the back burner. BUT I do have a few teensy updates to tide you over.

I ordered this pillow several weeks ago because the collection of four was halfway sold out and I had a coupon expiring. So we don't even have a pillow form for it yet, but I'm in love! It's going to look so good. I'm planning to pair it with two of the Peter Dunham Fig Leaf pillows.



We also did our requisite just-moved Ikea trip a few weeks ago. We got a new media stand and surrounding bookshelves - but our drill battery is broken and I'm waiting for the new one to arrive so we can secure everything to the wall and load it up with goodies before I take a picture. We did, however, snag this doormat for $9, and I'm working on stenciling our new monogram... a much cheaper option than any of the monogrammed doormats I've seen online. Now that we have an actual entrance to the outdoors again, I'm thinking this will be one of my new favorite things to come home to.



Still need to get some bookshelves for the office, etageres for the dining nook, the mirror I've been lusting after for a year, a headboard, a new sofa, a few armchairs, a side table, and possibly a new coffee table, as well as keep an eye open for new dining chairs. So plenty of updates coming your way over the next year or so!