Well we're back from our two week wedding/honeymoon vacation and ready to hit the ground running. I have a few posts to share with you this week, but it seemed remiss to not share a few peeks at our day and honeymoon (we'll have the official pictures in a few weeks still!). Morning of, we had special notations on our coffees...

Then we got all cleaned up and pretty - here I am with one of my best friends and bridesmaids, Sara. The girls all wore different dresses.



The ceremony was at 3, so the reception was winding down at 6:30 and we had a romantic wedding dinner for two at Nishino in Madison Park. Getting some alone time like this would be my first chapter if I ever wrote a book "When Two Introverts Get Married" because it was exactly what we needed.



Left Seattle Monday morning...



We went to Palm Springs for our honeymoon. Here's a peek - we also did an architecture tour, which I'll share later this week.






Mostly we spent a lot of time lounging around. I did a lot of reading, and drank several strawberry daiquiris sitting right here:



The whole thing was pretty much perfect :) And now not only am I a Mrs, I'm also MRS - Maggie Rose Stephens. While we wait for all the legal changes to happen, I've been turning over my social media accounts to the new name and getting used to saying "my husband" out loud. Lots of changes around here, but loving every minute.