Our entry is kind of clogged with doors - the front door, a bathroom door, and double closet doors. Other than a little half-wall that divides the entry from the dining area, there is one tiny wall that I could fit an entry table on. And in the two plus months we'd lived here before the wedding without one, our keys were always on the kitchen counter or dining table. Annoying. So pretty much the weekend we got back I started hunting for another option. Because the double closet door opened against that wall, I knew a demilune table was the way to go. The left door could still open most of the way instead of always bumping into a corner. But the wall was short (about 36 inches) and a lot of the tables I liked were more like 40 inches. I also didn't want to spend a ton of money because this is not a forever piece. It's a "this apartment" piece.

I saw an option on Overstock for about $100. We were out to dinner an hour later and I begged Ryan to swing by HomeGoods to see if I could find something cheaper. Since he can't say no to his new charming wife, we did. And I found this:


Why yes, that IS a clearance sticker you see on the still-attached tag. Guess why? This glue dribble:


Well, joke's on HomeGoods, because I was fully planning to paint whatever piece we brought home. This same table without the glue dribble was $70 (still better than the Overstock table I was also planning to paint) and the clearanced version was just $39. And since that leg is kind of in rough shape anyway, I'll just patch with some wood filler and sand that and the glue before giving it a nice glossy coat of paint.

I'm thinking this color:


It's "Vermont Slate" by Benjamin Moore. A beautiful rich blue gray with just a hint of green undertones. So much better than the bright teal it is now (my pictures do not capture just how bad the color is now - very "quirky country farmhouse" that is SO not me).

Once I get this baby painted I'll show you how I'll accessorize it and what will hang over it. Pretty excited for that!