Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2013  

Mr. and Mrs. Stephens looking sharp, huh? Well, no big plans for us tonight, just snacking on the candy I hid from trick-or-treaters. On Saturday though we had Ryan's work Halloween party. They bused everyone up to the Exploratorium in San Francisco for a masquerade ball. It was way bigger than any party I've ever been to (room after room packed with people, and at least six bars, probably more). Too crazy - but we did manage to find the one couple we knew, and hung out with them all evening

I have to say, a masquerade ball is the best kind of Halloween party. You get to dress up and look fancy! No "sexy stewardess" or "sexy kitten" outfits! Just cocktail dresses and suits! The perfect way to celebrate our two week wedding anniversary (Ryan actually wore his wedding suit, and this is the dress I wore out to dinner after our wedding, so it was a bit of deja vu, plus masks).

Have a safe and fun holiday! What did you dress up as?