Entry table reveal

We definitely don't move at warp speed around here. We bought our entry table back in October, right after we got home from our honeymoon. It took me a week or so to choose a color, another week (or two, oops) to go buy the paint. I painted right away, but it takes a week to cure, and then I was waiting for a new frame to come in to style up the whole area to show you. So here we are!


(excuse my sillhouette/sun glare on the art... had to prop the front door open to get the light/color as accurate as possible).

Let's back up quickly... here is the table when we bought it for $39 from HomeGoods.


I knew I wanted to paint whatever we got (and actually I've seen this same table in a wood tone and I would have painted that too!). So the little bits of glue on the front leg didn't bug me. I didn't photograph the process, but here were my steps:

1. Use a bit of woodfiller to patch some nicks and where the wood was uneven. Sand smooth (including sanding out the glue dribble).

2. Lightly sand the whole piece with a fine-grit sandpaper (by hand) just to remove the glossy sheen of the paint and give something for the new paint to grab on to.

3. I did NOT prime because I was going just a few shades darker. Had I been painting it white, I might have considered it.

4. Paint the whole thing using a brush (3 inch I think). I like Benjamin Moore's Advance line for furniture. This took two coats with 16 hours drying time between coats. I did not sand between coats.

5. Let the paint cure before putting back into use. This was 3-5 days per Benjamin Moore's instructions.

Here's a better picture that shows the color, Benjamin Moore's Vermont Slate (in semi-gloss):


I used some artwork we had from the old apartment that never really got featured there before. On top is a watercolor by Lauren Adams that I bought with Christmas money last year (thanks Mom and Dad!). The frame was an old one that I gold leafed earlier this year. The bottom piece I got at our old apartment building when someone was giving it away for free. I loved the colors, so we toted it down to California and I finally got a new frame on it. The frame is by Nielson.


And here's a backed-up shot so you can see the whole corner.


I really love how the table turned out - the color is so much more "me" than the bright teal, and the table looks much more elegant in a muted color. 

It feels really good to get some more art up on the walls. We've only hung two other things, but hanging art is when a new place starts to feel like home, you know? It all looks a little more finished.

I also bought a new mirror with the intention of hanging it with these other two pieces, but the height was weird for placing it. Still looking for the perfect spot, but I'm not giving up! It might go to the right of the closet there - it barely fits.

Love it? Hate it? Questions? Leave a comment! They make my day (well, unless you DO hate it...).