Shopping for an Armchair

I'm very excited to have space for an armchair in this apartment. More seating for guests and a spot to curl up with a book. We're planning on a chair to go in front of the windows (a swivel feature would be awesome for facing the fireplace!) as well as a pair of chairs directly opposite (backs to the dining nook). 

The pair of chairs is something I'm hoping to score at a flea market - something cool and midcentury would be perfect - but our next big ticket purchase is likely to be the perfect armchair. This is a piece that I'm considering an investment buy - something I'd love to have for years and years. Here are some I'm checking out... (some of these are trade-only).


1. CR Laine here

2. Hickory Chair here

3. Serena and Lily here

4. West Elm here

5. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams here

6. Hickory Chair here


Clearly I'm going for something mostly neutral (possibly a stripe though, which most of these are customizable). I'd really prefer a skirt since we already have a seat with exposed legs, and the pair of chairs we end up with probably will too. I like a shape that leans traditional but is a little cleaner - with one English roll arm piece in the room I don't need another - but the bottom wing chair may be a little too boxy. I want it to be a little feminine because they look more inviting, but I also need some harder lines, especially if I swap out the coffee table for an upholstered piece (a possibility). With those criteria, #1 and #3 are my top contenders, both of which I think I'd do a stripe on if I can do a COM fabric (still have to search for the perfect thing). But I don't think my search is quite done yet as I'd like to check out some local stores too.

As for the pair of chairs, these also caught my eye while I was searching. Might be a possibility (from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams again)!


I hope you like these shopping posts - it's likely be a couple of months before we take the plunge on one of these, but it doesn't mean I'm not already thinking about it! I'd love feedback :)