2013 : Retrospective

This was a wild year for me - both personally and professionally! Let's take a look back, shall we (mostly because I didn't get around to writing a Christmas letter this year...)


January 26th we got engaged. Started the year off with a bang!


Which of course kicked off all kinds of wedding planning (which took over most of the spring for me).

I served as Maid of Honor in my friend Paige's beautiful wedding!

The next week Ryan was offered a position at Apple.

We went to Ryan's 10 year high school reunion (but skipped mine).

We bought a new car. And then we hopped in it and drove to California.

By August we had the keys to our new place. 


I had two beautiful bridal showers in September, and then we were back in Seattle in October for our wedding.


And a wonderful week in Palm Springs for our honeymoon.


In November Ryan's grandmother passed away, and we traveled home to be with family and celebrate her life. We then returned home to spend Thanksgiving as a two-some.

We spent Christmas at home in the Seattle area and will spend New Years at home in California.

In summary - putting some airline exec's kid through college.



We shot two spaces in January. This one, a few hours before Ryan proposed...


And then the bachelor pad the following weekend.


I completed a multi-room project up North of Seattle but never got photos! C'est la vie.

I also spent most of the rest of winter and early spring participating in a local design competition web series that paired style with energy efficiency. We were in the final three (we were robbed, I tell you! ;) )

Bathroom After 3.jpg

I also made my radio debut and got many texts about being on a tv commercial from that project.


In the spring I attended Design Camp at the Seattle Design Center and it was an amazing learning experience. I'm still putting those lessons to use in growing and managing my business.


Just as our move was ramping up, I was juggling a few hourly clients while I also was designing this home on Bainbridge Island. We started right when I found out we were moving, so this picture is an in-progress shot from a visit in September. Getting pro shots of these rooms = #1 goal for 2014.


I also finished this room during the summer (started November of 2012 I think) and had it shot in September. Full post on that coming to you soon, I promise!


After the move I didn't really take any new clients until November, when I started on this house! Photos pending ;)


Other things that filled my year:

Writing for Houzz.com

Writing for 55 Downing Street

Many smaller hourly projects (some via Skype, some in person).

All the "fun" stuff that comes with moving states - new business licenses, etc.

Revamping my website, including a new business name!

Just started another new project before Christmas!


I feel very blessed to have had so many wonderful opportunities this year, and I'm looking forward to more in 2014 (just glad my personal life slowed down so my work can take center stage while we grow here in California).