Our New Sofa

It's here, it's here!


If you remember, we ordered this baby back in October. Since we chose a custom fabric (not a COM but one of the regular-but-not-stocked options) we were told it would be about 10-12 weeks. That's pretty normal, so we were ready to wait it out. The order was placed in November after they'd sent us the fabric (which I'd already seen but whatever) and finalized everything over the phone, so the estimate we got was early February. 

When I got a call a few weeks ago from Crate and Barrel I was expecting the worst - fabric backordered, order got lost, etc - but our sofa was ready to be scheduled for delivery! The next date they could fit us in was Friday the 13th... so I had them bring it the 15th ;)

So far we love it! It's very comfortable and the seating area is much bigger than our old sofa, so we can both lounge comfortably, and Thisbe can pile on too. The fabric is kind of textured, so if and when her claws snag, it will be hardly noticeable. And though it's dark, it's not the black void I'd feared.


It is VERY fluffy (which I adore) which means it requires a bit of reshaping after a lounge session, but the comfort is so worth it (we have down pillows, so I'm used to channeling stress into pillow-fluffing, ha!).

The other downside, if you can call it that, is that our fairly petite coffee table is kind of dwarfed by the new sofa. The seat height is a good four or so inches above our old sofa, and the table just looks wayyyy too low and extra tiny next to it. Luckily I kind of expected to replace this table at some point anyway, so it's not really a big deal. I'm not sure that comes through accurately in photos, but this one kind of shows it...


Oh yeah, and our Christmas decor! We have two new meaningful ornaments. Yep - that one was our cake topper!


Any additional purchases will happen in the new year (like curtains, a chair and a permanent side table for a lamp) but for now we're enjoying one room that feels much more "finished" than any other room in the apartment.


(And yes, Thisbe totally attacked the ornament she's staring at in this picture, just moments later).