Client Peek

Oops, I didn't mean to abandon you all week! We have some new updates to our apartment to share, but I'm debating - do I wait until it's farther along, or do you like to see "in progress" photos? Let me know!

My days have been busy with new client projects - some hourly and a fun multi-room project that I'm excited to see come together. Some of the pieces have started arriving and we're making tweaks here and there. I thought you might like to see the design board for the living room though! This is what you see right as you walk in the front door.

Here is the room:


And here is the design board...

Latham Living Room.jpg

We're still swapping out pillows, got a different mirror for over the fireplace, and the chair fabric (the little square above that lucite console) is now a turquoise cut velvet. And my client ended up scoring a different coffee table that is gold (and round) on sale from Horchow. But more or less, this is the plan! Kind of fun to do something bright and colorful - encouraging me to look beyond my favorite palette of neutrals.

This is one of about four (and a half?) rooms we're doing in this house - the connecting feature between the three main living spaces is a heavy dose of black and white. Can't wait to share pictures with you sometime after the New Year (those pink stools won't be here until March).

Hope you had a great week! I'm looking forward to sleeping in this weekend and catching up on some Christmas shopping ;)