Office Shelving

After nearly 4 months in our new place, the couple of boxes we still had sitting around were our books - some made it onto the shelves in the living room, but there were at least four more boxes unpacked and waiting for a home. We finally summoned the energy to make a big trip to Ikea and get them installed.

Holy in-progress photo.


I kinda lucked out that the Ikea Billy shelves fit this wall so perfectly - we didn't want to cover the windows, but I also wanted to take full advantage of the wall space. 

Since I haven't had a wall of shelves like this before, we're still in need of some organizing tools to help it all come together. It's still looking a little crazy. Besides some books, movies, our cookbooks, Ryan's software books, and my work-related books and magazines, I need to store letterhead, office supplies, craft supplies, work tools, and samples - that's what's destined for those top shelves.


Just trying to get stuff off the floor, ya know?

I picked up two of these baskets from The Container Store this weekend to test out. I need to go back and get like eight more! I think they'll be perfect for fabric samples.


Shopping for office supplies and organizational bins and baskets is basically the most exciting thing ever for a nerd like me, so I was the 28 year old kid-in-a-candy-store in the aisles of The Container Store. The trick is to buy VERY intentionally, and not to be wooed by the rows and rows of color-coordinated boxes that you don't need.

While we figure all that out in the next month or so, I'm just happy I can now find my books and resources - it's making work SO much easier. Now to tackle my filing system!