Client work

I have a ton of updates to blog about, I just either haven't had the time, or haven't taken the right photos yet! As you know, when updates are few and far between, things are brewing behind the scenes!

If you don't mind a few iPhone snaps, here's one of the client projects that's been keeping me busy - four rooms and we just added the upstairs.

The main living spaces are starting to show their final look...

We had the curtains installed last week - five windows, so it made a huge difference at the front of the house!


Mid-install above. We opted to nix that peach chair and move it into the guest room (where it looks perfect) and working on finding two comfy chairs for in front of the lucite table. That wood table actually goes in the corner, but was moved for curtain-hanging access ;) We're waiting on two X benches, a garden stool, and coffee table to arrive.

Later in the evening, after things got put away...


We also did the same drapes in the dining area!


In fact, I liked them so much I ordered a pair for my office ;)

Will snap some other photos here at home today and share some other new updates!