Office Updates

It feels SO good to have made some progress on my office space in the last couple of weeks - does wonders for my work productivity! There is still general organization to be done, but it has come a long way. Sharing just a peek today, and hopefully we have even more updates for you in another week or two.


The desk area is still a work-in-progress but I finally got a pinboard, covered it in fabric, and got it hung up (thanks honey!). My new calendar is up as well as some art from our last apartment. I have another small piece or two that might go up above the calendar or to the left of the pinboard, but I just ordered some wedding prints so I'm waiting to see what will work well.

The file cabinet is something I've been stalking Craigslist for. I'd really prefer a lateral file cabinet so there is more usable space on top for storing letterhead and other paper. This was one we found for free back in Seattle, so it will be no heartache to part ways - and I have a DIY in mind once we find the right deal. Fingers crossed for the Craigslist gods, please. So that is why that corner is weirdly empty - soon it will have files in it :)


We're still sporting the double computer situation and it's getting old - literally. Both computers are getting sooo slow and it's time to upgrade. We'll switch to sharing one big desktop computer this year. For now, they're stacked up like this. I'd also been looking for a replacement for this lamp (which I loved in the bedroom but the light was needed in here). I found a new one for the bedroom instead, so it looks like this one might stay after all... though I'm not against moving it to the living room at some point. I tend to play "musical lamps" around here. None stay in place for very long.


I've collected some good tear sheets recently, and they are fun to look at while I'm working. The calligraphy print at the top is the lyrics to the song I walked down the aisle to - Sea of Love.

Across the room, the bookshelves are bearing the brunt of all the office clutter that needs to be sorted and organized. But I did find a use for these vintage cups that used to belong to Ryan's grandmother.


My other craft supplies are on the next shelf (though it's all just a jumble at the moment) and I love having everything in one spot! The clock might move, we'll see.

This week at some point we'll hang curtains, and I'll start organizing the shelves. In the meanwhile it's feeling a million times better in here.