Dining Chairs Found

If you've been keeping track, we only have had two dining chairs for the past two + years. Our last apartment was so small that when we had my parents over for dinner, we borrowed two more chairs and barely managed to squeeze around the table. We have more space here but since we don't know anyone to invite over, we haven't been in a huge rush to replace the ones we have.

Until now, as we're expecting our first guests!

I had seriously considered some chairs from CB2 but Ryan reasoned that unless I knew I'd want them in the next place we live, we should save our money for something else. It was only going to be about $700, but it DID feel like a waste to get them and then turn around and sell them at a loss in two or three years. So the hunt began for two more vintage chairs.

And we found these!


We're totally unfamiliar with the thrifting scene here, so we had a few wasted weekends of checking out really overpriced antique knick-knack shops. Then I did a bit of googling for home consignment shops and BINGO. We found a great chain and checked out two of the stores last weekend. While there was a set of four Louis the 16th chairs in white and gray that I loved, they didn't really fit with the rest of the room, so we passed them by. If you're in the market for 4 nice dining chairs though for under $400, head to Home Consignment Center in Campbell ;)

We got these up in Mountain View, and they were just $50 each. The wood is nicked up, and clearly the seat fabric is horrible. Which is perfect - we plan to paint all four chairs to the same color, and recover the seats to match. Hopefully then the height difference of the two pairs (6-8 inches?) won't bother me too much. But beggars can't be choosers, am I right?

We plan to tackle painting and recovering in two months or so, when it's a little warmer all day for painting outside. I'm pretty sure I know what fabric I want, but I'm going to order some swatches anyway since I've got time to mull it over. I'll be sure to keep you in the loop!