Random Updates

Hello readers! Long time without an update. Things have been kinda crazy here (and then this weekend I got a cold, boo! ). But some updates in no particular order...

We put up new curtains in the living room, and got wedding prints for those frames. I got three sets from different printers (was NOT happy with the first set I got), and I can officially say that Mpix does great printing that you can upload online. Thanks to Ellen & Jill for the tip!


Another (less dark) pic of the curtains, plus a new shade and finial on this lamp...


We also finally got our California licenses and license plates for the car (and paid late fees, whoops). We've officially been in California six months as of Sunday! Crazy how time flies.

I had to go to West Elm in Palo Alto to check out some rugs weekend before last, so I dragged Ryan with me to get lunch too. Loved this little lamp we saw - so tiny and maybe perfect for Ryan's office?


I'm also really proud that though I didn't make any "real" new year's resolutions, I started this little journal on Jan 1st and so far haven't missed a day! Not always the most riveting entries, but it gives me a moment to reflect on each day and what I want to change/remember moving forward in taking care of myself.


Planning to take real living room pictures soon - new pillow covers are in the mail and while we hung onto the old couch for my parent's visit next week, that will be going away soon and be replaced with a club chair eventually. Lots of little changes like the picture frames and such that aren't worthy of their own post but hard to know when there is "enough" of an update.

Anyway, I'm behind on emails and tax paperwork and filled four pages of my notepad during a "to-do brain-dump" last week so writing a post is about the last thing I should be doing! Wanted to check in though and say that all is well here!