Client Project: Living Room Reveal

As much as I love the finished product of a completed room, I love hearing the reactions from my clients as they settle into their newly decorated home. Such as the husband who lives here loves these pillows. Or hearing that they get compliments when they have company. Or that they just love spending time in this room now. Design isn't just about the pretty stuff - it's creating a home! I think that's awesome.

I shared a few phone snaps of this room months ago when it was almost done, and then funny enough I thought I'd already blogged these until I went to send a link to a blog friend. Not written yet, whoops! So these are a long time coming! Hope you enjoy.

Quick backstory - this is a rental home of a wonderful couple, their beloved cat (note the cat perch!), and soon-to-arrive baby. They wanted help incorporating a few items they already owned into a larger space, with the knowledge that they might move again to a smaller home. And they were ready for some new furniture! Have loved working with them, and hope to do so again in their next home!

(Forgive my photography skills on this blown-out window here. But wanted to show you this awesome lamp I found at HomeGoods (Pottery Barn shade)).

I made a note last time about this goofy fireplace in the corner - the clients don't use it, and didn't want to buy more seating with a future move on the horizon. So we pretended it didn't exist ;)

Hope you enjoyed this peek!