Designer Spotlight: Thomas O'Brien

One of my absolute favorite designers has to be Thomas O'Brien and his company, Aero Studios. By the time I realized who was behind the work, I'd already saved and bookmarked many of his projects - when I received his book American Modern some years ago, I realized that this one firm was behind many of my favorite looks. 

The simple and modern designs really have shaped and informed my own sense of style. O'Brien effortlessly mixes eras; farmhouse antiques mix with modern pieces that might otherwise come off as cold. While his traditional interiors are beautiful as well, it's O'Brien's own homes that speak to me the most, and have influenced my own eye.

Here are a few highlights from his portfolio - I hope you'll go over and look through more of his work. I also highly recommend his book American Modern, and if you like a bit of a retrospective, his book Aero.