Our Place: Living Room Tables

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we have been making some more purchases for our apartment lately. And while not everything has arrived and I can't do a big full apartment tour, I can capture a few new moments as they come together. Starting with our new table arrangement in the living room!

We've been sporting a placeholder side table at the end of the living room for a while now, and especially since we got our new chair back in May it's been used more and more. It was not something I ever envisioned using for this long, but so it goes. We had a somewhat awkward amount of space back there thanks to the fireplace in the corner, so while I love having a chair on that side of the room, it was floating about 18 inches from the window and felt sort of lost. I wanted to put a console table behind the chair (for a lamp, especially) but didn't want to block the window. So I used a lucite table there - it's becoming a favorite trick of mine.

Since the lucite console sits behind the chair, I still needed a little side table for setting down a drink, etc. We found one at the flea market for $30 and it's the cutest little thing. I really wanted something with some age to balance all the new buys in the room. Plus it contrasts nicely with the lucite.

The lucite is quite difficult to photograph - my friend commented on my "levitating lamp" on instagram the other day! In real life it's pretty obviously a table, it just doesn't block the light. Best of both worlds!

I'm loving the new arrangement - the lamp being up higher spreads light further around the room (which can be a bit too dark in the evenings) and the side table adds a nice warm wood tone. I'm still hunting for the perfect (smaller) pillow for the chair (for now the sofa pillow is hanging out). I'm thinking a vintage kilim pillow right now, but I keep changing my mind.

But for now the pieces are playing nicely with the rest of the room too ;)