A new week & Waterlogue


Hi friends! Happy Monday :)

Today (here at least) it feels a bit like spring. The sun is shining, there are blossoms on trees, and I've been feeling like cleaning and getting this place spiffed up. A bit of hope and positive energy in the air, you might say. I feel like I'm finally recovering from the hectic past 7 months (Ryan getting his job, moving to a new state (and between apartments once here), our wedding, trips back to Washington every month after we moved until now...). I'm finally getting to my legal name change, which will be a huge lift off my shoulders, though it means lots of paperwork personally and for my business stuff in the meantime. I've felt more than a little overwhelmed at times. And I haven't really felt like blogging much.

But like I said, there is some hope in the air. I feel like I can breathe. And that I can start looking to add more to my plate without maxing out my energy and focus. I have some great client projects right now and hoping to add more in the next coming months, as well as checking out more of the area stores and vendors (having a great city like San Francisco at my fingertips means lots of great new resources ahead). I'm still homesick - I have a crazy deep love for Seattle that borders on obsessive, so it's hard to let go (especially when I torture myself by streaming old episodes of Grey's Anatomy just for the establishing shots). But I do like it here, and there is more to be explored and enjoyed. 

Speaking of Seattle, I've been having so much fun with the new iPhone app craze "Waterlogue" and have been turning some of my favorite Seattle snaps into tiny "watercolor" paintings, as well as favorites from our wedding.


(That one was our first house together, up on Queen Anne Hill. We lived on the top floor.)


It's a fun app and a little addictive! 

Anyway, I took some time this weekend to clean the apartment and to actually relax - I've been reading a ton lately - and Monday morning didn't feel like a chore, so I must be doing something right. Here's to a great week ahead. For me and for you :)