Living Room Pillows


One of the easiest ways to spruce up your decor is with throw pillows - generally they are an inexpensive update as well. I tend to buy new pillows whenever we move - sometimes solid pillows stick around (I've had some light blue ones for the past three apartments) but patterns are always changing around here. So I knew when we moved in that I'd eventually get new pillows.

Though I somewhat impulsively changed my mind on what pattern (I just KNEW I was getting Peter Dunham Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaf pillows for months, then one day said, "These other ones are pretty!" and ordered them that same day...), I'm pretty smitten with our new pillows. I've actually loved this fabric for a couple of years. It is called "Nympheus" by Thomas O'Brien from GP&J Baker by Lee Jofa. It has several lovely colorways. 


I was still on the Fiddle Leaf bandwagon when I sat down to read one of my Christmas gifts - the book Aero by designer Thomas O'Brien that chronicles his journey with his retail store and design sensibilities over the years. He's been one of my favorite designers since 2010 or so. One of the photos in the book showed Nympheus in use, and I remembered how smitten I'd been with it. I sent a link to Ryan for the go-ahead, and ordered two pillows about an hour later.


I actually love ordering pillows on Etsy - it saves me the trouble of purchasing fabric, keeping the remains somewhere, having the pillow made... sometimes instant gratification is just a little easier. I usually do a check through my favorite sellers for the best price (factoring in shipping). I've also learned to pay REALLY close attention to measurements. I've ordered lumbar pillows that are more like doll pillows. OOPS. For sofas, I love a square 20" pillow. Here's where these were from.


And yes, as of this writing, the old sofa is still here. Since my parents were coming to visit for a few days, I didn't want to risk having the new sofa as the only living room seating. But the day they left, I relisted it on Craigslist and hope to find it a new home soon! It doesn't really fit in here properly...

The kilim pillow we've had for a month or two (though it took two times ordering inserts, and I still feel like it's a bit too small for the cover). It is from Pottery Barn. I love how it plays against the muted tones of the Nympheus pillows. I think when we get a couple chairs in here I may do another kilim pillow as well as leopard (maybe). Love mixing it up like that.

Work in progress, as I always say :)