Tray Top

Is it just me, or are dressers kind of the hardest thing to style? We have a big dresser that I'd like to be a functional AND pretty spot (it's right across from our bed, after all). Problem is, the functional things I would store on it are all little and bitsy and just look like clutter (granted, most of the time there IS some clutter, it's like a magnet for things that need to be put away). 

When faced with a large space and bitsy items, my go-to solution is a tray. Trays herd small items into one spot, making them feel more substantial. Now my perfume has a HOME instead of wandering freely around the top of the double-wide dresser.

I spotted the tray above at HomeGoods about two weeks ago, and after thinking about it all the time, I went back for it. Thankfully no one else had snapped it up in the meantime! This one was $30 and there was a bigger one for $50. Maybe if I had more perfume I could have justified the larger one ;) As it is, I have a little room to grow. I love how the green ties into the photo above, as well as the leaves on the lamp. 

I'm still working on what to do with the other side of the dresser. I'd like to do something more interesting with my clutch purses, maybe. Or move some of our pretty books in here. But this was a good start!

Just curious - what is on top of your dresser?