DIY Updates

I've finally made some progress on some projects around our apartment and I owe you guys an update! First up is our dining chairs.

You might remember that last time I mentioned these I'd picked out a fabric and paint color to blend two pairs of vintage chairs together into one set. I was all ready to splurge a bit on my fabric. And then I double-checked my measurements before I ordered...

Measure twice, cut once, right?

Well I measured a FEW more times, because I was SO bummed to discover that instead of getting away with splurging on one yard of my dream fabric, I'd have to get two yards. Which made my minor splurge not so minor. So naturally I put off making a decision for several weeks.

Finally I came around and remembered what the point of getting mismatched chairs was in the first place - save money to spend it on something more permanent. So alas, my dream fabric went out the window and I was back at square one.

But the chairs as-is were driving me crazy. I popped in Joann's (honestly, so many good choices under $70 a yard) and $20 later came out with two yards of this:

Not nearly as exciting as the floral dreamboat fabric, but still interesting. I actually reached for it in every colorway, realizing each time it was the same pattern! I liked it best as a neutral. And bonus, it's an outdoor fabric, so it will be extra durable on dining chairs.

I also kind of threw the red paint idea out the window - with a neutral fabric it felt a little too bold. However, I still have almost an entire quart of blue paint leftover from painting our entry table.

So voila!

One coat down on the first two chairs. I think two coats will be all it takes. I'll include some DIY tips once they're all finished.

If I feel like they're too matchy-matchy with the entry table, I'll probably paint the entry table the Cottage Red I'd been considering for the chairs.


Meanwhile, we've had some little changes in the office and are wrapping it up with an update to this guy that we found on Craigslist (at a surplus shop) for $20.

I had to get him painted and prepped for phase two of his makeover to make room for painting the dining chairs.  So he's sitting in the office in a sort of sad neglected half-finished state while I wait on some supplies coming Monday.

Once that is done though I'll have some new office photos to share! It's looking pretty good.