A Seattle Family Home Project

I mentioned we got a new computer, right? Well it has prompted me to get more organized with my documents and photos (and I have a ton of photos, it's scary). While sifting through iPhoto, I found these old pics of a project I wrapped up back in September but never had photographed professionally (in fact, I snapped these probably an hour before we hung a bunch of art on the walls, so this isn't quite the final product). I started working with them almost exactly a year ago (I remember telling them Ryan was interviewing in California so I might move in the midst of the renovation (we had some built-ins removed and everything got painted). This was one of my favorite projects back in Seattle!

Wish I had a picture of the killer chandelier that we hung over the dining table.

Mirror to be hung. Sconces went up on either side. Great poster went in the corner and we wiggled that chair & table combo around a bit.

(Below is what this room looked like when the previous occupants lived there, by the way)

A little later in the evening, opposite the sofa.

Master bedroom. All black/gray/white with big windows that were filled with leafy green.

Dresser before we styled it up. Such a gorgeous piece.

I did two kids rooms upstairs but barely any pics! Here's a peek at one (a nursery)...

... and the other (toddler room). Both rooms are tiny, so we did the same paint treatments in both rooms, then used accessories to create a distinct color palette and look for each bedroom.

Also did an office/guest room for this house but apparently I took zero photos of it once it was completed.  Need to get better at that!

That was a fun little trip down memory lane! We furnished this house from scratch other than I think 2 or 3 pieces, so I had a lot of fun putting my stamp on it and giving the clients the home they'd been dreaming of when they purchased it. What's your favorite part? I think I love the rug/pouf combo in the living room the most!