My Dining Area

I shared pictures of our living room last week (so close to being finished!) and this week I'm sharing some pictures of our dining area at the other end of the room. Naturally, between photo sessions my fancy camera decided to go on the fritz, so these are lower quality iPhone pictures. But I didn't want to miss the opportunity to share our "new" chairs!

This end of the room doesn't have its own windows, so it's generally quite a bit darker. The long shot photo across the length of the room exaggerates this affect. At some point, the painting will be swapped out for a large mirror, which I think will help bounce some natural light into this area.

On to the reveal!

Two pairs of mismatched vintage chairs get a uniform look.

The walkway between "living" and "dining" is generous without being awkwardly large. It's the major transit area in the apartment (and as you can see, passes by Thisbe's "empty" bowl).

What a calming difference some paint and fabric can make! Remembering the starting point...

Next in here: different tray for the "bar" and a mirror instead of the painting. Then calling this room (or nook) DONE. What do you think?