Project Spruce Progress

It's been a little while since I've updated you on Project Spruce (if you remember, they had almost all their furniture in a rental, and we've been slowly filling in the holes around that). I was over there last week and we hung up some art. I forgot my big camera, but here are some iPhone snaps of the living room!

Now that the art wall is up there are two little spots I'd love to fill, so I'm still on the hunt! Also waiting for a custom watercolor to come in for that top frame. (We moved the TV around to hang, so the wires are all wonky - please ignore!)

There is a goofy fireplace shoved in the corner behind that chair (right in a doorway, makes no sense) so we're just kind of pretending it doesn't exist. Oh, renting. At least the brick makes for some nice texture.

Next time I'll grab some pics of the master bedroom, because we've made lots of progress in there as well!