Modern Fireplaces

Recently noticed a trend in some of my latest living room pins - many of them featured very simple and modern fireplaces. Curious, I scrolled through and noted many over the last year or two that all evoke a very clean and updated elegance. A fireplace is often a point of oppulence or tradition, and I loved seeing how a very nondescript architectural feature played against the rest of the decor. The result - a beautiful round-up of rooms! 

Besides the fireplaces themselves one common thread I noticed was a nearby inclusion of natural wood (most of them in a nearly raw state). I love the pairing of man-made with natural texture - that clean, crisp facade juxtaposed with something warm and straight from Mother Nature. No matter the style of the rest of the room, that is a combo that never gets stale.

Thoughts? Impressions? Would love to hear 'em in the comments!