I'm Loving: Fireclay Tile

I don't do big renovation projects (maybe someday...) but I do keep my eye on finishes and materials for cosmetic renovations (a new backsplash, new cabinet finish, new fireplace surround, etc). I was so excited to find Fireclay Tile, made right here in California. They offer handmade tiles in some beautiful finishes. They have your basic subway tile in about a million colors, as well as glass tiles and brick tiles, but my favorite are the hand-painted tiles. Even the neutral tones come in interesting and modern designs (some of which feel very "now" but are based on traditional motifs). 

Fireclay Tile is are environmentally-friendly, using sustainable practices and recycled materials. So much more than just a pretty face ;) 

Here are some of my favorites (these are all under their handpainted tiles).

All images from Fireclay Tile.