Nest Studio Hardware

An easy fix in client projects (and my own home) is to change out boring hardware on dressers, nightstands, chests, etc. I use new hardware to spruce up vintage pieces as well as new pieces from big box stores. 

I'm always on the look-out for new sources for hardware, especially anything that is new and different. I stumbled on Nest Studio Collection a week or two ago and fell in love. Since it is so special, it has a price tag to match. The knobs run around $60-80, and the handles are more. Not totally outrageous (I've seen higher) but also not a cheapie quick fix. But too gorgeous not to share!

See what I mean? So gorgeous.

Given the price point, I wouldn't necessarily recommend these pulls to someone looking to do a quick low-cost update on a piece like an 8 drawer dresser. But a pair of pulls for nightstands could be an easy way to elevate a vintage piece or frumpy manufacturer's basics without breaking the bank.

Other uses - bathroom vanities, built-ins (cabinets or drawers), desk drawers, bar cabinet... the possibilities just may be endless!