Client Project : Nursery Reveal

Nurseries are so fun to design because there is so much excitement and joy in the anticipation of the room's future occupant! I had just wrapped up some other spaces in this couple's home when they found out they were expecting. Since they rent, and any future home may have a different layout or number of rooms, we chose elements that could easily mix and match with pieces from the living room. The bookshelf in particular could move to the living room and fit in perfectly. This was also the reasoning behind waiting to choose a rug.

We all agreed on a space that didn't feel too "baby-ish" but instead would age well with their son - items like the lacquered dresser, bookshelf, and nightstand could even work in a teen space.  I'm not a huge fan of "themed" rooms, and neither are my clients, though we did enjoy incorporating animals in many of the decor elements like the sheets, artwork, and bookends. Right before I was visiting with my camera, we also grabbed some nature themed curtains from Ikea to hang around the black-out shade. 

Baby boy isn't due for another month, but we're pretty well wrapped up on decor - some items like a fan and humidifier should be in place soon. In the meanwhile I hear my clients are enjoying being in this room we created and anticipating it's most important delivery!