Monday Moment

Sharing just a peek at the (ahem) progress in the office-to-nursery project in our apartment. The last few weekends have been busy - we found the dresser I've been agonizing over, painted the cream walls a slightly cooler off-white, and have been carrying loads of STUFF between rooms in an effort to ease the chaos a bit. You know the saying "it gets worse before it gets better"? We're kind of in that right now. Finding homes for not only the baby stuff that has started arriving, but NEW homes for the office & hobby stuff that is getting displaced. Like those guitars. No idea where those are going in a few months.

I realized this weekend that the beginning of my third trimester (tomorrow!?!) means the clock is ticking on free weekends, time to organize, time to enjoy as a two-some, and of course... sleep. So far, experienced parents have told Ryan that we need to go to the movies, and told me that I need to sleep "while I still can" so I guess we're hoping to do as much of those things as possible. Maybe an excursion up to the city just for fun, as well as our babymoon down the coast (I'm counting down the days!). Of course I can't wait to meet our little guy, and I'm sure the next 13(+) weeks will fly by.

Happy Monday, folks!