SF Decorator's Showcase 2015

Back in May I got a chance to check out the annual SF Decorator's Showcase. A gorgeous home with each room (and nearly ever nook and cranny) decked out by area designers letting loose their imaginations... sounds like a great afternoon to me. The house was crowded - I was there the last weekend and I'm not sure if that made a difference. But grabbing pics of all my faves was near impossible. Sorry for the lackluster iPhone pics, but hopefully you'll enjoy a peek at some of my faves.

Above - the dining room was truly over the top - an explosion of pattern. Design by Cecilie Starin.

Below - one of my favorite spaces that I could easily see as a bar and entertaining hub (led right into the dining room). I loved the barstools and the silver leafed ceiling. Design by Alison Davin.

The following two pictures are the same space, a small landing off the hallway. A favorite of mine for sure. The lamps, the drapes, the use of black... all added a modern sense to the very elegant and traditional moldings and architecture. Design by Tineke Triggs.

This somewhat petite "Gentleman's Bathroom" was at once sleek, elegant, and yet somewhat industrial in feel. I loved the attention to detail, like the trim of the roman shade echoing the black on white squares through the room (tiles, shower doors, etc). Design by Nancy Evars and Dimitra Anderson.

The plum room below was actually very large and I'm sad I didn't snap a picture of the wildly outrageous chain chandelier shaped like some kind of dragon/serpent/fish that hung over the billiard table. But this corner alone was inspiring (perhaps in a more applicable to real-life way) and that pendant is just too weird and awesome. Design by Jeff Schlarb.

A color-coordinating moment in the laundry room, again designed by Nancy Evars and Dimitra Anderson.

I mentioned to the designer of this bathroom that I'd already seen it on instagram a dozen times! It was just too photogenic, quirky, and fun. I love the lippy wallpaper, but I also loved how they added sophistication with this chest-turned-vanity... Design by Jennifer Wundrow and Heather Brock.

The master bedroom was sooo luxurious, huge, and miraculously free of people when we were touring that I snapped a ton of pictures. They'll get their own post next week, but here's a little teaser. Design by Will Wick.

The Showcase always happens in the spring, so if you're in the area (or planning to be), look for dates to be late April through late May. It's a real treat.