Monday Moment

*tap tap* AHEM, is this thing still on? Hello, it's been a while. You may have noticed I got an actual post up on Friday. I'm hoping that is the beginning of a semi-regular return to ye olde blogge. 

Since having Logan nearly 6 months ago, my time has been primarily focused on him. Work (and this blog) took a big backseat to family life in 2015, and while I'm still going to be a work-at-home-mom in 2016, I am planning to ramp up activity for my design business in a major way. I miss working, and the small amount of client work I've been able to take on in the past few months has me chomping at the bit to get back.

That being said, what a joy it has been to spend so much time with my sweet little boy! I can hardly believe how quickly the time has passed. Already he is rolling and laughing, we're about to introduce solid foods, and I fear he may be crawling very, very soon (I'm not ready!). It's also been a joy to see my husband really excel at being a father, and I love him all the more for it.

Other personal news - we are in the process of moving! We found another apartment that has more space, elevators (a must with a stroller), and many of the same amenities, for less than we have been paying. We're saving up for a house, so every little bit helps! I know I haven't shown a ton of pictures of our apartment (especially lately) but the new place has great windows and light, and I can't wait to have some photos taken. I'm planning to snap a few pictures of Logan's room here to share this week, even though I'm not planning to change much if anything with the move. Figure I want to capture the room we brought him home to.

Anyway, I'm glad to be back! Chat soon. :)