2016 Thus Far

Hello! It's only been 7 + months... a quick catch-up seems in order!

Our move went off without a hitch, and we've been settled in San Jose now for several months. While I still have some things I'd like to tweak here and there, the apartment is mostly "done" and I've been trying to plan a little photo shoot to show you some nice pictures of how our pieces evolved and have been working in the new space. I enjoy seeing that shift when others move homes, so I can't wait to share. Soon!

Also, my baby boy turned ONE! WHAT?! So crazy.

He is walking, babbling, getting into everything, and making working from home more of a "sprint" event than a "marathon" as I squeeze in work during naps and after bedtime. But he is a joy and this has been the fastest year of my life!

I've also had some amazing client projects going on that I can't wait to get some photos of... a peek at progress at one...

We have also been been traveling a bit (to Kauai and Washington) and hosting family here in California. It's really been a whirlwind of a year and it doesn't seem like it will be slowing down anytime soon. I hope to carve out a little more time for some blogging, but if that doesn't happen you can always find me on Instagram and Twitter!