ORC : Powder Room Week 3


Welcome back for week 3 of the One Room Challenge! The point where everyone participating suddenly realizes WE ARE HALFWAY THROUGH. Cue panic attack.

(If you're confused, check out Week 1, and Week 2).

During week 1 I started ordering the main components of the room right away. They started arriving this week, but everything hinges on the vanity, which won't be here until next week. The faucet arrived, pictured above, the light fixture arrived (which I don't dare fully unbox until it's ready to go on the wall!). And we picked up paint for the upper walls.

One hurdle this week - I located a mirror, which I needed to be a budget-friendly item. I found a mirror at Target (online) for $50! I ordered it about a week ago, and got a delivery notification on Tuesday that it had been delivered... only it wasn't here. Come to find out, in my moving-madness brain, I had confused our old address that auto-filled the Target order form and my new mirror was delivered to my old apartment building in California. Oy vey. Luckily we've figured out a way to retrieve it and if shipping it from CA here is too pricey we will just return it and order it again. Fingers crossed! 

Plans this week - really hit the pedal to the metal. Get paint up when we have a stretch of not-rainy days. Check out some sources for hardware - toilet paper holder, towel ring, etc. I'd like these to be a budget friendly find. Of course I've already found beautiful pieces that blow the budget! ;) And sift through my art or hit the stores to find two to three pieces. Get some of the accessorizing out of the way so the focus can be on install once the vanity arrives.

We also have had some other just busy life stuff going on the last two weeks that has taken most of my design attention - new carpet that had us displaced for several days, we got new dining furniture and living room chairs that had to have somewhere to go, etc. But we've got a window opening up that I can devote to this challenge! Can't wait to show you some real progress next week - PAINT. And watch my Instagram for behind the scenes!

ORC download.png

Still so glad I signed on to do this project! It feels under control at the moment but I know the next 3 weeks will FLY by.

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