Back in the PNW


After 4 years in California, Ryan and I had decided it was time to return home to the Seattle area. While we had some amazing opportunities in San Jose, we missed our family and friends and yes, all that rain!

We bought a little 3 bedroom house on beautiful Bainbridge Island and have been hard at work the last couple of weeks to try to get settled! We are still a long ways off but the community here has been welcoming and friendly, and we have a beautiful vision for our home, garden, and family! Our son loves going for walks around our neighborhood, and running wild circles around the house without the "shushing" on behalf of any downstairs neighbors.

Here's a little peek at our start, will be sharing some specific projects later this week! We are still surrounded by boxes and signs of moving, but we have new carpets coming next week which will let us finish moving in a bit more. And my personal goal is to be rid of boxes by November 1st! 


We are so excited (and maybe a little overwhelmed!) to be first time homeowners. After 4 different apartment rentals together, it is an amazing feeling to be able to really set down some roots and create a real home for our family.